Badger cull to go ahead

A vote has been passed by MPs in the House of Commons this afternoon to go ahead with the badger cull, by a majority of 49.

Before the vote took place, which saw the government win 299 votes to 250, MPs held a gripping and intense debate, discussing the pros and cons of the badger cull.

MPs were addressed by Department for the Environment Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) secretary Owen Paterson, who claimed evidence showed culling badgers would make an impact on reducing bovine TB (bTB).

Meanwhile, others in the House snubbed the cull in favour of vaccination, despite the publication of an EFRA report today that said vaccination was expensive. Shadow Defra secretary Mary Creagh said the cull was bad for farmers, wildlife and the taxpayer. She claimed a cull would cost farmers more than it would save them, even if it cut disease.