MSP presses Japan to lift import ban

Aberdeen North MSP Brian Adam has asked Japanese authorities to consider lifting the ban on European imports of haggis and other meat products.

The Japanese Customs service has put a temporary ban on importing bovine, sheep and goat products from EU states, due to concerns over BSE. The MSP talked with Japanese officials about lifting the ban and says they are hopeful that the restriction could be lifted in the near future.

"In this year of homecoming, I believe the time is right to lift all bans on the import of haggis and other meat products to Japan, and across the world," he said.

"This will help the Scottish farming industry, boost exports and also provide a Taste of Scotland for Japan in this year of Homecoming. I am hopeful that there will be no restrictions to people in Japan, and across the globe, experiencing the joys of haggis at Burns' Night celebrations next year."

Smith has also written to the Scottish cabinet secretary for Rural Affairs, Richard Lochhead, asking him to work with his European colleagues to remove restrictions on exporting Scottish meat products.