Red Tractor requirements become stricter

Data collection and submission for real welfare assessment in order to claim the Red Tractor logo is due to become compulsory on 1 July.

A new app called I-Pig for Real Welfare is due to be launched to make the process simpler. However, the creators of the app have found some bugs that need to be fixed prior to launch, and this is currently being taken care of.

Research project manager Katja Stoddart said: “We will be working extremely hard over the next few months to debug the app before we release it to vets. However, it is still extremely important to collect data, so two options are being offered – the web portal or the bureau service, which Bpex will fund.”

Bpex will offer a bureau service to vets as a temporary solution, and this service will enable time- and cost-savings for vets.

Stoddart added: “A number of vets have already volunteered to be involved in the smartphone application testing process, but if there are any more who would be interested, please get in touch.”

The service is due to run for six months.