LMC hosts genetic export meeting

Northern Ireland's Livestock and Meat Commission (LMC) hosted a meeting last week to discuss the opportunities for exporting breeding stock and genetic material to third-country markets.

British Livestock Genetics (BLG) Consortium chairman Andrew Taylor and executive manager Rob Wills were invited to speak to local cattle and sheep breeders about the UK Export Certification Partnership and the pivotal role it plays in negotiating export certification for priority markets and assisting the development and maintenance of meat-related export business.

The guest speakers also told farmers about the wide range of opportunities for global meat export and explained how to capitalise on these opportunities.

Ian Stevenson, LMC industry development manager, said: "Most breeders at the meeting felt they had learned a lot more about the opportunities, obstacles, processes and practicalities involved in exporting genetic material overseas.

"There were a number of markets identified as potential business opportunities by the local breeders, such as China, Russia and North America. The complications of trading with Russia and China were discussed, as export certificates for these countries are known to be a long and arduous process to obtain."

The LMC said that further discussions will take place later this year.