Gressingham achieves CoolBrands status

Gressingham, a principal supplier of fresh duck to the UK grocery and food markets, is the first fresh meat producer to be awarded CoolBrands status.

Companies awarded the status are chosen by members of the British public and an “expert council” of 37 “leading influencers”, including Sadie Frost, Kelly Hoppen and the foodie Gizzi Erskine. The selection process is looked after by the Centre for Brand Analysis.

Gressingham has invested heavily over the last year to encourage an additional 0.5m consumers to cook with duck. Activity to promote the meat featured rebranding and the development of new recipes, which included handing out 400,000 free recipe books to shoppers and a digital marketing push.

“All of this has created the largest marketing campaign ever undertaken for fresh duck in the UK, designed to reposition duck as a ‘regular treat’ that is remarkably simple to cook, and break down the biggest barrier to usage – consumer knowledge and confidence to cook with duck,” according to the CoolBrands council.

Meanwhile, associate marketing director at Gressingham Steve Curzon said: “We’ve worked hard to encourage consumers to cook duck at home and are delighted that our efforts are paying off with more people realising how delicious and simple it is to cook. Being awarded CoolBrands status is a huge honour for Gressingham and we are sure that it will help us to encourage even more people to try cooking with duck.”

Chairman of the CoolBrands council Stephen Cheliotis said: “It is a phenomenal result for Gressingham to have made this year’s CoolBrands list alongside the likes of Apple and Aston Martin. It’s not an obvious choice perhaps, but both the influencers and public alike are clearly impressed by the brand’s provenance and quality. They have almost single-handedly been responsible for making duck a healthy alternative and standing out against the usual options.