AWB abolition

The abolition of the Agriculture Wages Board on Tuesday (25 June) has prompted the National Farmers’ Union (NFU) to tell farmers and growers they must be up-to-date with the current rules of employment.

The NFU told its members that the Agricultural Wages Order (AWO) continues until 30 September and that this will be replaced by a wider employment legislation and the national minimum wage from the following day.

NFU deputy president Meurig Raymond said: “Critically, employers also need to acknowledge that the terms and conditions for farm workers employed before 1 October are likely to remain unchanged after 30 September, given the AWO constitutes a pre-existing contract for current employees.

“Before any changes are made to terms and conditions of employment, the employer will need to negotiate with the employee and gain their formal agreement, following the correct procedures.”

He further stated that the shift could be positive and that the NFU is committed to supporting the agricultural and horticultural industry in the transition period.