Sainsbury’s increases British pork commitment

Sainsbury’s has announced plans to source 70% more pork from home to meet consumer demand.

The supermarket chain said the move follows a similar one made a decade ago, when a decision was made to source more UK-farmed chicken. It also explained that, since the horsemeat scandal, there has been more pressure on supermarkets to shorten supply chains, bringing them closer to home.

Previous to the scandal Sainsbury’s said it had already committed to doubling the amount of British food it sells by 2020. Its most recent decision, however, will deliver an extra boost for pig farmers, who work to very small margins.

General manager of the National Pig Association (NPA) Dr Zoe Davis heralded the move, saying it would strengthen Sainsbury’s commitment to buy British. “Now all their fresh pork, ham and sausages are British, we look forward to working with Sainsbury’s to focus on large volume lines such as bacon,” she said.

Meanwhile head of food chain at the National Farmers’ Union Deborah Cawood said: “This latest step to source 100% British pork across its fresh lines comes at a critical time. The move to strengthen partnerships with UK pig farmers is also a step in the right direction in securing longer-term sustainability of UK-produced food. We hope that Sainsbury’s development in the poultry sector, to roll out its UK commitment to processed foods including ready meals, pies and other products, is matched across food ranges.”