Morrisons increases premium price of Beef Shorthorn

Retailer Morrisons has announced that it will increase the premium price per kilo to farmers of Beef Shorthorn by 10p.

The increase could mean that farmers of Beef Shorthorn will receive up to £40 more per animal. The new move has been made in a bid to expand the national herd and secure supply for Morrisons’ Traditional British Beef range.

It is hoped the price increase will lead to an increasing number of farmers investing in the particular beef.

Morrisons agriculture manager Andrew Loftus said: “Offering a payment premium for the Beef Shorthorn has undoubtedly encouraged farmers to invest in this breed and reflects Morrisons’ longstanding commitment to the Beef Shorthorn breed.”

Morrisons’ Traditional Beef Scheme was launched two years ago, and Beef Shorthorn Society secretary Frank Milnes said: “We are delighted with Morrisons’ announcement, particularly because it is two years since the scheme was launched, which means that animals coming into the scheme now are not coming in as a result of it being launched.

“We are very pleased that Morrisons is showing commitment to UK beef in general, and that supermarkets are sourcing red meat from the UK is a plus factor for UK agriculture,” he added.

Meat from Beef Shorthorn cattle accounts for around 30-50% of Morrsions’ traditional breeds range.