New green energy system for Essex
Published:  11 July, 2013

Construction on a new anaerobic digestion (AD) facility to convert food waste into green energy has begun in Essex.

The 45,000 tonne (t) facility based in Halstead, Essex, will be the first dedicated AD facility for commercial, industrial and post-consumer waste in the county.

It is expected the plant, owned by Tamar Energy, will be operational by August next year. The company is already in talks with feedstock companies in the area, in a bid to gain contracts to feed the plant.

Business development director at Tamar Energy Bill Elliott said: “By this time next year, our new Essex facility will be turning the county’s organic waste into renewable energy, waste that is currently transported out of the county to be processed or disposed of in landfill.

“The Halstead facility is an important part of our vision for a network of around 40 AD plants across the UK by 2018, offering a cost-effective, green and flexible solution for organic waste. Not only does it represent an efficient waste management solution, but the digestate which is produced is a highly beneficial, nutrient-rich biofertiliser – helping to ‘close the loop’ on food waste, returning to the soil what would otherwise end up in landfill”