Scottish butcher hits back at haggis claim

A Scottish butcher has contradicted a food historian who claimed Scotland’s national dish, haggis, is just as English as it is Scottish.

In his new book entitled ‘Traditional Food in Northumbria’, food historian Peter Brears claimed that haggis may have originated in England.

“Haggis is an English dish that the Scots decided they would take on when they decided they needed a national identity,” wrote Brears.

Alan Scott of JA Waters in Selkirk disagreed with the view and told ITV: “Scotland has always been famed for haggis, all over the world. If you ask anybody, anywhere in the world where it comes from, they will tell you it comes from Scotland.”

“The English have never been able to master haggis, and they have never been able to master whisky. We have got it and they want it.”

Others claimed what has made haggis Scottish is the Robert Burns’ famous poem, Address to a Haggis.