Finnebrogue signs £50m deal with M&S

Food producer Finnebrogue has signed a £50m deal with Marks and Spencer (M&S), which has secured its supply of top sausages.

The new deal will continue over three years and is an extension of their already well-established partnership.

Finnebrogue has supplied M&S with pork, beef, venison and lamb sausages for several years and has recently developed the “posh hot dog”, which is a cross between a frankfurter and a premium sausage.

The idea was created by M&S and developed by Finnebrogue and is a smoked pork sausage cooked like an upmarket sausage.

Managing director of Finnebrogue Denis Lynn told the Belfast Telegraph that the new hot dogs had been “hugely popular” over the last few weeks. He further added that he expecteds to create 30 jobs to add to the existing 108 staff working at the company.

A spokesperson for M&S explained the deal had been made as a continuation of its partnership: “They’re someone we’ve worked with for many years and they’ve been supplying our speciality sausages and a range of venison, so it is really just a renewal of that ongoing relationship.”