Study reveals consumers’ diet perceptions

The majority of British people think their eating habits are good for their health, a new survey has revealed.

Research from Kantar Worldpannel company TNS showed that 83% of 1,000 British people said they were eating healthily, despite 57% of them being overweight or obese.

The ‘Food 360’ study asked 1,000 people from each of the seven sample countries included in the survey. People in Britain, France, Germany, Spain, the USA, urban China and urban Russia were all asked about their eating habits.

But the contradiction in obese people believing they ate healthily was not down to a lack of weight awareness “because 65% of British people say they eat more than they need to”, said Kantar.

“Perhaps there is a poor understanding of how obesity affects health, or a belief that food’s nutritional benefits outweigh any negative consequences of being overweight,” it added.

However, the research also showed that British people are less concerned about the impact their food has on their health (33%), compared to those in France, Germany and China (59%, 44% and 93% respectively).

Kantar said: “This very mixed perception of food, perfectly illustrates the dichotomy of the British between hedonism and functionality.”