Report supports abattoir construction

A food study on the Scottish Western Isles has highlighted difficulties in transporting livestock to abattoirs, due to the remoteness of farms in the area.

The Red Meat Feasibility report, which will come out next month, will put forward a number of ideas to tackle the problem, including building five different mainland and island abattoirs for processing Kintyre red meat and identifying different transport routes to improve accessibility.

Hannah Jones, of High Bellochantuy Farm, who researched the possibilities for the supply of Kintyre red meat to Kintyre, said: "Obviously distance is a major factor between Kintyre and the abattoirs.

"For farmers to transport livestock over 40 miles, they are required to obtain a 'Certificate of Competence', which is done by attending a training course and passing a test. When using hauliers to transport animals, farmers are dependent on fitting in with when the hauliers have journeys already booked to markets."

The report will explore how the remoteness of Kintyre can cause difficulties and complications, even in the initial stages of the process. It will contain a directory of contact details and prices for abattoirs, butchers and transport routes.

More details of the report can be found at www.argyllagriculturalforum.com