Irish poultry sector hits out at retailers
Published:  19 June, 2013

Irish poultry producers are being driven out of business by retailers, protestors said in Dublin last week.

Supporters of the Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA) rallied against the failure of retailers to recognise the escalating production costs on farms. IFA national poultry committee chairman Alo Mohan warned that poultry producers were under extreme pressure because of an “ongoing loss-making situation that is unsustainable”.

He said retailers and processors were failing to listen to the concerns of growers. “Costs have risen at an alarming rate, but the problems for poultry producers are falling on deaf ears. Either retailers take account of this, or we will go out of business,” he said.
Yet Mohan also noted that the costs producers needed to recover were “very modest”, as farmers would only need 6p (€0.07) per bird from retailers to help meet increased costs and stay in business. “This is not an unreasonable ask, considering the massive margins retailers enjoy on their products,” Mohan said.
“Despite requests to take account of the difficult situation on farms, retailers have been silent, and what this tells us is that they find farmers simply an inconvenience in their drive for profits.”
Meanwhile, Mohan also pointed out that there was a blame game going on at the moment and said: “The processors and retailers are blaming each other for the failure to pass back a price increase to producers.”

He warned that this had to stop and said action must be taken by the retailers to secure the poultry sector, which supports thousands of jobs in the country.