Need for cost-effective packaging, says firm

Food businesses in the UK must create cost-effective packaging to regain consumer trust, meat plastic packaging company Sharpak has warned.

According to Sharpak, consumers want longer shelf-life and cheaper products, making it critical for businesses to move with demand, which will help reduce food waste at the same time.

Nick James, sales and marketing director at Sharpack Bridgwater and Sharpak Yate, claimed the pressures faced by the UK food industry recently, highlighted the need for safer and more efficient packaging. He said: “This does not simply mean a traceable system; businesses must utilise innovative practices, resulting in packaging which is evolving, creative and cost-effective.

“Manufacturing packaging solutions which counteract issues such as short shelf-life in meat products immediately results in a more cost-effective experience for the consumer. By guaranteeing that the produce which consumers are buying has a prolonged shelf-life, the amount of wastage retailers are experiencing can be managed in a more cost-effective manner.”

Yet James also hastened to add that a “cost-effective” approach should not only look to prolong shelf-life, but should also lead the way to more environmentally friendly systems.

“I believe the need to lighten the burden of packaging on the environment is a critical priority and numerous strategies have been employed in the industry, utilising renewable, recyclable and recycled materials,” he said.

He also advised that the industry should develop its “green manufacturing” methods to help reduce waste, but without compromising standards.  

James said: “If businesses throughout the packaging industry focus on manufacturing environmentally friendly products, with cost-effective benefits for the consumer, integrity can once again take centre stage in the supply chain.”