Bpex hits the road again

Bpex is launching its 10th anniversary roadshow tour, which will start in September and continue throughout March next year.

The tour will showcase products from butchers and local pork producers who wish to participate, and will be held over six venues in the country.

Highly respected industry judges will be judging the products across the 12 categories open to producers in each region.

Bpex butchery and product development manager Keith Fisher said: “The 10th anniversary of the Regional Roadshow and Product Excellence Events is a real milestone and recognises the continued success of the event year-on-year. To date, our judges have put more than 11,000 products to the test.

“Not only is it an excellent opportunity for butchers to gain some of the highest recognition for their pork products, but they can also meet fellow producers and industry representatives, and pick up new ideas.”

The categories include pork sausages and pies, bacon, gammon, sausage-maker, black pudding, ready meals and burgers.

There will be gold, silver, bronze and champion awards handed out and, at the end, a regional winner is named. Each regional winner will be going to the Butchers’ Hall finals next June.

“The 2012-2013 season will be a tough act to follow. A total of 1,300 products were entered and of these, almost 50% achieved a gold award. As well as giving butchers much valued feedback, these awards can be used to generate media interest in and drive sales for your business,” added Fisher.