Enjoy Sunday Lunch campaign

A new campaign to promote the traditional Sunday Lunch will be launched in October with vouchers, coupons and prize-draws for customers.

Butchers participating in the 'Enjoy Sunday Lunch' campaign will receive free advertising on the website in exchange for accepting the money-off vouchers.

The National Federation of Meat & Food Traders (NFMFT) has been approached to participate, along with brands such as Bisto, Knorr and Paxo.

“The different brands in the campaign will put information on their labelling, which will direct consumers to a Sunday Lunch website, and consumers will tap in to that and download the vouchers,” said Roger Kelsey from the NFMFT.

Butchers will be given promotional posters for the campaign, which can be downloaded from the NFMFT website.

“Two or three months ago, we worked with the Mail on Sunday on a one-week promotion, with our members taking vouchers from the Mail giving discounts on meat being sold,” said Kelsey.

“This was picked up by other media people and, consequently, we were contacted by an organisation which is working with companies like Shloer, about doing a promotion on Sunday lunch.”

For the campaign to go ahead, a minimum of 300 members must participate by contacting the NFMFT. The campaign will run from October through March.