Hollandís creates Friday Pie-Day

Hollandís Pies has created its own Friday Pie-Day in a bid to encourage consumption of pies every week instead of special occasions only.

The pie and pastry maker will be launching the event on its blog and social platforms by giving out free pies, offers, vouchers, recipes and prizes.

It will also be distributing new product information to entice the pie enthusiasts, as well as offering an opportunity to be the first to taste new products and flavours.

Hollandís is asking their pie enthusiasts everywhere to share their pie stories and explain why they are the ultimate Hollandís Pies fan by sending an email to: fridaypie-day@hollandspies.co.uk

Keep up to date with Friday Pie Day on Twitter by following @hollandspies or search hollandspiesofficial on Facebook.

An official fridaypie-day.co.uk website will be launched later this year.