UK sees good rise for lamb and mutton exports

In the first half of 2013 the UK exported £177m-worth of mutton and lamb, a rise of 14% on last year, Eblex has said.

The leap in exports has been attributed to higher product availability and has allowed the UK to send 47,268t of lamb and mutton overseas, with exports to China increasing by 93% alone to 5,700t.  

Exports to Europe also increased, with shipments to Germany up 25% to 5,200t. Meanwhile, lamb and mutton exports from the UK to the Netherlands rose by 133% to 2,100t.

Eblex noted that France was still the UK’s largest export market and accounted for more than 50% of lamb and mutton shipments.

Eblex export manager Jean-Pierre Garnier said: “To export 47,000t of lamb in the first half of the year is a fantastic achievement. Traditionally, we tend to export more lamb in the autumn than in the first part of the year, particularly to southern Europe. Although the performance may dip a little in the second half of this year, due to low availability and the poor lambing conditions in the spring, it should still make for a sparkling year for exports.
“What is reassuring is the wider spread of markets all performing well, not only France, China, Germany and the Netherlands, but also Belgium, Italy, and Norway. We also look forward to expanding our Third Country markets at a number of shows and missions in the autumn.”