Scottish FSA appoints new director

The Scottish wing of the Food Standards Agency (FSAS) has appointed a new director to succeed Dr George Paterson CBE, who retiring in June.


Professor Charles Milne, who is currently Scottish chief veterinary officer (SVO), said he was looking forward to the role and pursuing the challenges it will bring.

"I am absolutely committed to continuing the good work done by FSAS to make a real difference to both food safety and healthy eating in Scotland," he said.

"I will ensure FSAS continues to provide independent, evidence-based advice to consumers and plays an active role in furthering the invaluable work carried out by the FSA as a whole."

Milne worked with the Scottish Veterinary Service during the BSE crisis and also has direct experience of working in meat hygiene. In 1996, he took on the role of Veterinary Adviser to Scottish ministers and also worked at a national level. During this time he had responsibility for diverse areas, such as zoonotic diseases, international trade and animal welfare.

In 2001, during the foot-and-mouth outbreak, Milne played a key role in managing and delivering the control policies in Scotland with a team of 1,200 staff.

Tim Smith, FSA chief executive, added: "Charles has very strong experience of operating within the Scottish Government and working with Whitehall, the EU and internationally.

"His experience as Scotland's CVO means he will bring with him a real understanding of many of the issues that the Agency faces. I am delighted at his appointment and I look forward to working with him."