Scots launch energy-saving guide for butchers

A new guide to help butchers save energy and in effect money has been produced by Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) and the Carbon Trust Scotland (CTS).

Launched on Friday (6 September), the guide will provide Scottish butchers with the information they need to reduce energy costs of £720 per year.

The idea for the guide was created due to a number of site surveys into energy efficiency improvements for Scottish butchers, which showed several opportunities on how to improve energy cost.

The energy-saving opportunities are divided into three groups: no-cost actions, low-cost measures and investment measures.

QMS head of industry development Andy McGowan said: “Improved energy efficiency is one of the most effective means of reducing carbon emissions and driving down costs.

“The survey results show that in many butchers’ shops, simple no-cost actions can be taken immediately to reduce bills by 6%. Typically, a further 4% savings can be made by low-cost measures. For a typical butcher with annual energy costs of £12,000, this is a saving of £1,200 per year. Every pound saved is an extra pound on the bottom line and a positive step for a more sustainable industry.”

The low-cost measures require small investments of up to £500 and the investment measures require more than £500. However, the no-cost actions include simple steps, such as minimising door openings, re-setting air conditioning controls or rationalising frozen storage space, which could save between £23 and £500 per year.

As a partaker in the survey, S Collins and Son implemented many of the saving measures. The shop is co-run by brothers Stewart and Fraser Collins. Stewart said: “From discussions we had when the survey was taking place, we have changed our lighting to LED, cut down our hot water usage by half and reduced lighting at night by a third. By applying these simple measures, we have saved at least 5-10% on our yearly energy bills.”

General manger for Carbon Trust Scotland Paul Wedgwood said: “We strongly encourage all butchers in Scotland to take advantage of the new free guide available through QMS.”