Welsh Lamb attains 10 years of PGI

Welsh Lamb is celebrating its 10-year Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) anniversary this month.

It was given the label due to its unique flavour, and the PGI protects and promotes named regional food products that have a quality, reputation or noted characteristics specific to that area.

Chief executive of Hybu Cig Cymru (HCC) Gwyn Howells said: “Welsh Lamb has long been recognised as a quality product. In the late 19th century the Royal Chef wrote that Queen Victoria considered Welsh Lamb to be the tenderest and would have no other lamb served in the Royal household. It now enjoys a unique reputation worldwide, with chefs as far as Canada and Australia extolling its virtues.”

Howells continued to explain that HCC strives to ensure the high standards are met, with all PGI lambs being born and reared in Wales and slaughtered and processed in PGI-approved abattoirs and cutting plants.

The label guarantees against unfair competition and the misleading of consumers by non-genuine products.

“Having the PGI status has done a lot for Welsh Lamb over the past 10 years, raising its status and allowing our farmers to market their meat as a unique product. We look forward to another 10 years of PGI and continuing our work to establish Welsh Lamb on an international level,” he added.