Bristol council to beef up school lunches

Bristol City Council is considering creating its own beef herd to supply meat to local schools.

If the 'Bristol Beef' project goes ahead, the council will buy a 200-acre field next to the M32 at Stoke Park for the cows to graze on. Meat from the cattle will be used in nearby schools, with any surplus sold to Bristol restaurants.

The land in question is currently allocated as historic parkland and owned by developers who want to transfer the property to a long-term owner.

Natural England will carry out a feasibility study to decide which breed of cattle is most suitable to grazing the land, which will still be used by the public.

A spokesperson for the project said that the beef herd would help manage the grassland, reduce food miles in the school food supply chain and provide education for local children.

If the council goes ahead with the project, it will receive a £1.2m endowment from the developers' consortium to help cover set-up costs.