Sophie’s Taste Test

In our quest to promote and encourage the growing trend towards premiumisation of the fresh burger sector, Meat Trades Journal’s Nicholas Robinson has been on a one-man mission to seek out and taste-test (of course!) some of the best burgers in town.

The first stop on his tour was Sophie’s Steak House, a restaurant that prides itself on the quality of its ingredients and aims to “provide the best steak in London”.

According to operations manager Matt Belcher, that ethos applies to the burgers too.

Much of Sophie’s beef comes from owner Sophie Bathgate’s own family farm, Rofford Farm in Oxfordshire and the restaurant uses British grass-fed Aberdeen Angus beef, dry-aged for a minimum of 28 days, to optimise the flavour. A whole carcase is brought in once a month and butchered by head chef Gino Anchor.

Sophie’s offers a choice of two burgers on its menu, both from the chuck. The Classic Hamburger is made from 100% pure chuck and priced at £9.99 for a single or £12.95 for a double. The more premium Black Angus Burger is from the rib end of the chuck. Freshly made each morning, the meat is sealed before being minced in-house carpaccio style with chilli, onion and capers. The texture is soft, light and open – and because it is prepared using ‘sear and shear’ method, it can be served rare to medium.

Belcher explained: “By their very nature burgers normally have to be cooked medium to well-done, but following several comments from customers, who said they wanted their burger cooked the way they like it, we decided to find a way to do exactly that. Having perfected the recipe, we encourage customers to order it rare or medium in order to do it justice.”

At £15.95 it’s not cheap for a burger, but having tasted it, we reckon it is worth it.