Dewhurst and Denby Dale up for sale

Two well-known butcher and pie brands have been put up for sale, as a result of their parent company’s financial troubles.

Dewhurst Master Butcher (DMB) and Denby Dale Pie (DDP), with their intellectual property, will be sold following the administration of the current owner Brand Cellar.

At its peak DMB had 1,400 retail units on the high street before it collapsed in 2006, yet the owners still believe it has strong brand recognition.

Meanwhile, Brand Cellar has also claimed DDP to be imbued with strong local heritage.

Now, the two names are to be sold by Fox Lloyd Jones, a spokesman for which said: “It’s very rare that an opportunity like this comes along. To acquire Dewhurst Master Butcher and Denby Dale brands brings with it a heritage and history, which took decades to build, and many people still remember them very fondly. The brand awareness is already there, it just needs someone to take it on and use it in a way that resonates with the modern-day consumer. There is huge potential for the right company or investor. We expect to receive a lot of interest in these brands.”