British hotdog takes a healthy turn
Published:  19 September, 2013

A new British-made hotdog has been created following a recent overhaul of the convenience food by Empire Dogs.

According to Mark Yates and Gregg Wallace, the two friends behind the hotdog and the company, it has taken them 12 months to perfect what they have called “the ultimate hotdog for the 21st century”.

The pair have used quality ingredients to create their hotdog recipes and have sourced exotic spices and 100% British meat.

There are three hotdog recipes in the portfolio, each named after a character from London’s docks. They include: Meet (and eat) the Duke of Cajun, which is made from Red Tractor farm-assured chicken; the Earl of Frankfurk, made from 100% outdoor-reared pork; and the Baron of Pamplona, made from Red Tractor farm-assured British beef.

Yates said: “The concept is simple – we’ve taken a well-known fast food and repositioned it as a premium, healthy product. We’ve used fantastic British meat combined with spices that originally were imported to the UK on ships along the River Thames.

“Our main goal is to change the perception of the humble hot dog, over the years it has been recognised as a cheaply made, high-fat, high-calorie snack. We’re proving that it can be low in fat, made from high-quality ingredients and, most importantly, it can taste good. Finally, a guilt-free fast food.”