QMS outlines red meat story for children
Published:  23 September, 2013

Improving children’s understanding of where red meat comes from is the plot in Quality Meat Scotland’s (QMS) new book.

In a bid to educate youngsters on where their beef, lamb and pork comes from, the meat promotion body launched the book on the Food and Farming Day at  Luss Estate.

More than 280 pupils took part in the two-day event, organised by the Royal Highland Education Trust (RHET), to boost knowledge of food production and agriculture among children.

Health and education co-ordinator at QMS Jennifer Robertson said: “The publication combines a quirky, colourful style with easily absorbed information about the production of red meat in Scotland, including the priority the industry places on animal health and welfare and the great environmental role played by our farmers.

“The pocket-sized booklet is also full of interesting stats – such as the fact that our industry is responsible for 50,000 jobs in Scotland and contributes a massive £2.1bn to the Scottish economy.”