Assurance to be debated at halal forum
Published:  27 September, 2013

The halal sector will be discussing a new assurance scheme at its next forum in October.

The forum will discuss current issues facing the sector and will draft a halal assurance scheme, while looking at consumer research.

It will also be discussing different methods of religious slaughter and see where levy money can be best used to add value.

Eblex chairman John Cross said: “The halal sector is very diverse and it is vital that we get input from all areas to enable us to come up with informed workstreams that are of real benefit to those working within it.

“The whole event is designed to be open. Anyone with an interest in the sector is welcome and we hope it will lead to some constructive conversations that we can use to shape our activity.”

To review the responses to the initial assurance consultation, there will be another forum held next year.

For more information on how to attend the forum, which will take place in Warwickshire on 24 October, email alex.mobbs@eblex.ahdb.org.uk or call 024 7669 2051.