Peter Barr recognised in IGD awards

A man who has overseen some of the meat industry’s most turbulent times has been recognised for his contribution to the food and grocery sector.

Peter Barr, the former chairman of both the former MLC and the struggling Dutch giant Vion during its ill-fated UK excursion, was awarded the IGD Lifetime Achievement Award.

Praising his exceptional performance and contribution to the sector, the IGD’s board of trustees said it granted Barr the award for making a mark on the industry throughout a sustained period of achievement, delivering for his organisation, his colleagues and for the public at large.

Neil Sachdev, chairman of the IGD Board of Trustees and Sainsbury’s property director, said: “Peter Barr is one of the most influential people in the food supply chain market.

“During his 40-year career, he has displayed tireless energy, passion and enthusiasm to improve the supply chain and deliver better and more efficient services to customers.

“He has made a significant and sustained contribution to the food and grocery industry and founded one of the world’s leading producers of convenience foods, including frozen foods and other ready-to-eat food products.

“It is fantastic that his career has been recognised by the IGD Board of Trustees.”