Asda launches new meat cookery labels and videos

Asda has launched a new series of labels and videos that explain how to cook the perfect meat in a bid to provide customers with expert tips that brings out the quality of the meat.

The supermarket is due to launch new labels across the Butcher’s Selection range, which provide customers with advice on how to best cook the meat whether it be slow-cook, oven-roast, quick-cook or roast in the bag.

The new labels will also include cooking time and how many people it serves.

Asda’s senior meat trader Jim Viggars shows viewers how to cook the perfect steak and brisket in the new Youtube videos. “This is because we also know customers are not cooking their meat the best way it should be,” said an Asda spokesperson.

He gives advice on sirloin, rump, ribeye and fillet and explains how to cook the steak rare, medium and well-done.

Viggars claims cooking a steak is “more convenient than a ready-meal” and, according to Asda, “quality can be compromised if our customers do not cook it correctly”.

The new labels will also include QR codes that link the videos to the specific products.