2 Sisters adds voluntary benefits scheme

Around 24,000 2 Sisters Food Group employees will be provided with a voluntary benefits programme by the company Personal Group.

The company deals with employee-related insurance products and financial services in the UK and will provide the benefits from November this year.

Human resources director at 2 Sisters Kirsty Derry said: “We have a culture where everyone counts, we work as ‘one team’, and where ‘every penny counts’. During our negotiations, Personal Group consistently showed they understood both our business and our people, and their innovative face-to-face delivery of their superb voluntary benefits programme gave us great confidence that the take-up and usage of the programme will be very high.”

Meanwhile, commercial director at Personal Group David Walker said: “We are thrilled that we have secured 2 Sisters, this is a benchmark client which Personal Group is proud to serve. The programme will be rolled out in Personal Group’s unique face-to-face format utilising our successful iPad application, which fundamentally aids engagement and in-depth understanding of the employee benefits programme.”

Employees will be able to access the package programme online through a “bespoke web portal” and offline by a hard copy book. The programme will be available to employees at 2 Sisters’ 47 sites across the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands and Poland.

Through the package, workers will be entitled to various levels of personal support across areas like marriage, family matters, finance and tax problems. Such advice can be sought through the telephone, online or on specialist help lines.