NFU president steps down
Published:  15 October, 2013

The president of the National Farmers’ Union (NFU) has announced his resignation as the process of electing an office holder team in 2014 resumes today.

Peter Kendall has confirmed that he will not be taking part in this year’s elections for the president, deputy president and vice-president of the NFU.

Commenting on his resignation, Kendall said: “To be president of the NFU is a huge privilege and I have been extremely fortunate to be part of a great team at the NFU working alongside very able and committed officeholders.

“I have been supported by the most fantastic, professional NFU staff. The breadth of knowledge, commitment and expertise available to NFU members is unsurpassed in the farming industry – and that has always made me immensely proud.”

He explained that agriculture has become increasingly recognised, due to Sir John Beddington’s report and three “global food spikes”. “And there is still much work to do in many areas. I have always planned for this to be my final term in office, but I will be leaving the NFU in excellent shape,” he added.

The election process for the new NFU president, deputy president and vice-president will start after 14/15 October.