Historic meat company launches online

A 300-year-old meat company has moving into the 21st century with the launch of an online offer.

Smithfield-based Keevil & Keevil has launched www.butchersboxes.co.uk from its base in the market. According to the company, the website offers customers the chance to sample a host of
different meat products from a variety of sources.

The themed boxes of meat include one entitled ‘The Bodybuilder’ box which provides high protein lean meats, to the ‘The Poacher’ box which features game and poulty items.

Peter Landers, director of Keevil & Keevil, said: “We like to think of it as a natural progression. Keevils started over 300 years ago and has always kept up to date with customer demands and needs. So selling online for us is an obvious way of keeping our business in line with the latest trends of the day.”