Carol Smillie makes the most of your roast

TV presenter and actress Carol Smillie has joined Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) in launching a campaign to address the issue of food waste and help consumers control their budgets.

The Make the Most of Your Whole Roast campaign was launched after it was revealed that 566,000 tonnes of food and drink are thrown away each year in Scotland.

QMS marketing executive Jack Broussine explained that whilst food prices have “rocketed” over the past few years, incomes have stagnated. “This means that now, more than ever, shoppers need to get the most out of the food they buy,” he said.

New research by the government has claimed that people could save £400 or more per year if their food is better utilised. This number rises to above £600 for families with children. QMS has launched a booklet which is available from Scotch Butchers’ Club members and features advice including money saving recipes such as curries and soups.

Broussine added: “The benefit of buying high-quality meat such as Scotch Beef, Scotch Lamb and Specially Selected Pork is that there will be high-quality leftovers to use. With a little bit of forward-planning, and our tasty recipes, shoppers can make their weekend roast go a whole lot further and get a lot more out of their shopping budget.”

Although food wastage has an environmental impact, research by government-funded Wrap revealed that the main concern for people when it comes to food waste is money.

Smillie added: “It is safe to say that the weekend roast is a staple meal in my family and of course there are always some leftovers which we can usually use for at least another couple of meals. Maybe it’s just the delicious taste of the meat itself, or the way it’s cooked, but sometimes I think it tastes better second time around.”