It’s all about flavour

Retailers often pick up on new flavours and trends emerging in the foodservice market.

In the UK, new establishments specialising in premium burgers have been springing up left, right and centre in recent years. So much so that one major supplier to the sector reports that its sales of burgers have increased five-fold in the past decade, and it has had to build a dedicated burger production facility as a result.

Keen to encourage more pubs and restaurants to jump on the quality premium burger bandwagon, Eblex is launching a new guide to burgers for the foodservice market.

Introduced by popular burger blogger Gavin Lucas, the book, ‘It’s All About Flavour’ covers everything there is to know about the burger market.

Charting the history of the burger from its first appearance in the early 1870s to the present day, Lucas says: “Suddenly a burger is no longer just an American icon, it now represents the very best of British.”

As well as outlining the opportunity to profit from premium cut-specific burgers such as Rump, Extra Lean, Chuck and Brisket, the book examines how the coarseness of the grind impacts on the overall performance of the burger. The results suggest that a finer grind will bring out the flavour of the meat, while a combination of a 10mm and 5mm grind is best for texture and juiciness.

The book also contains a number of beef and lamb burger recipes developed by Eblex, as well as a section on the nutritional benefits of eating red meat and how burgers can form part of a healthy balanced diet.

It’s All About Flavour can be downloaded from www.eblextrade.co.uk. Hard copies can be ordered by calling the Eblex hotline on 0845 491 8787.