Burger quest

In our quest to promote and encourage the growing trend towards premiumisation of the fresh burger sector, MeatInfo.co.uk’s Nicholas Robinson has been on a one-man mission to seek out and taste test (of course!) some of the best burgers in town.

For this month’s feature, Nicholas called in at a ‘Gourmet Burger Kitchen’ (GBK) to find out how the specialist burger chain is able to deliver the consistency and quality that its growing customer base expects.

Founded by three New Zealanders in 2001, GBK is one of the original premium burger restaurant chains to set up stall in the UK. Its ethos is simple; GBK is all about the burger and the company claims to use a combination of the freshest ingredients and innovative taste combinations to create ‘the best burgers in town’.

The beef patties are made with 100% West Country beef, simply seasoned and cooked fresh to order every time. The meat is processed by Alec Jarrett Ltd and supplied by Fairfax Meadow, the UK’s largest national catering butcher.

Both organisations are members of Eblex’s Quality Standard Scheme and the Quality Standard Mark for beef features on GBK’s menu.

Nicholas popped into GBK in Waterloo to chat to Hugh Judd, foodservice project manager for Eblex, Julian Pickles, Fairfax Meadow’s general manager for London and GBK’s supply chain manager Paul Bazeos.

The GBK burger recipe is top-secret, but Julian did give an indication of what makes the product so good. He said: “It’s important not to overwork it to give it a nice, light fluffy texture. It also needs to be consistent every time. That means enforcing strict criteria when it comes to the selection of primals and cuts for the burgers, as well as ensuring consistency in the grind size and mix. It’s a combination of these factors that make the GBK burger so special.”

Hugh added: “The important thing is that we know exactly where that beef comes from. It comes from one plant and it carries the Quality Standard Mark, which means it’s fully assured from the farm, right the way through the supply chain to the end customer.”