Research reveals positive support for local produce

Local produce is getting a bigger look-in from consumers, who have a positive attitude to home-grown, new research has revealed.

According to the research from consumer value app Shopitize, 96% of 1,686 shoppers think it is important to support local providers, not only for employment reasons, but for health reasons too.

While 54% of shoppers were happy to pay more for local produce, in order to keep the local economy up, 18% said buying local produce was healthier for them and their family.

Meanwhile, 60% said it helped to create more jobs, and 20% said they thought buying local helped support local farmers and reduce carbon footprint.

However, when the survey questioned shoppers on the relationship between supermarkets and local suppliers, 63% of British shoppers said they believed supermarkets were supporters of local producers. Morrisons was crowned the most supportive supermarket (20%), followed by Waitrose and Asda. Tesco and Sainsbury’s propped up the table, voted least likely to support local providers in the poll.

Shopitize marketing director Danielle Morgan said: “We observe shopping behaviour closely through the Shopitize app and noticed an increase in people buying local, so wanted to understand the motivation behind this pattern. The results of our study are very encouraging for local providers. It’s great that consumers don’t mind paying that little bit extra to support local producers and ensure the British economy stays healthy.”

Meanwhile, head of marketing at Red Tractor Richard Cattell said: “We find the results from Shopitize encouraging. Here at Red Tractor, our logo helps shoppers identify food that has been raised to responsible production standards and is traceable back to independently inspected UK farms. The Union Jack on the logo assures shoppers that the food they are buying comes from the 78,000 UK Red Tractor Farms and looking out for the Red Tractor logo is the easiest way to buy food that comes from a trusted source.”
The Shopitize Local Produce Supermarket League Table:
•    Morrisons (20%)
•    Asda (18%)
•    Waitrose (18%)
•    The Co-operative (16%)
•    Sainsbury’s (14%)
•    Tesco (14%)