Research reveals consumers’ lack of knowledge on in-season produce

Fifty-four per cent of people in the UK do not realise that eating seasonal products is cheaper, according to new research by PGI Welsh Lamb.

The research found that 13% of people in the UK do not know the correct seasons for fruit, vegetables and meat, and 40% of those surveyed did not know that in-season produce is fresher and more readily available.

Additionally, more than half did not know that in-season is better for the environment and 60% were unaware that it supports local authorities.

Welsh Lamb farmer Myrddin Davies said: “It’s a common misconception that Welsh Lamb is only in-season in the spring, when in fact it is also plentiful in autumn.

“Spring lamb is reared on the coast, with lush grass readily available so it can be sourced earlier than autumn lamb, which tends to be procured from hill breeds. Grass is not as abundant for lambs reared in the hills, so they take longer to mature. In Wales we have more hills than coast so autumn is a plentiful time of year for Welsh Lamb.”

The survey also revealed that only 14% of those surveyed answered that Welsh Lamb was in-season in autumn.

Francesco Mazzei, chef at London restaurant L’Anima, said: “When people go to the supermarket and look on the shelves they find the same things all year around, but eating in season is better and cheaper. We had a great summer this year, perfect for growing vegetables and fruit. Mushrooms, plums, cabbage and kale are just some of the produce that are in-season at this time of year and all of them go very well with Welsh Lamb.”