Quality Standard beef and lamb popular in Spain

UK tourists in Spain are helping to drive the demand for Quality Standard beef and lamb in the foodservice sector.

Eblex recently showcased cutting demonstrations and market presentations at tourism and hostelry universities in Palma de Majorca and Barcelona, with 105 representatives of the meat sector.

The events saw a focus on innovation in the meat supply chain and product quality, customer service, confidence and new product development.

Eblex assistant export manager Susana Morris said: “The Spanish meat market can be difficult. However, premium meats presented in an innovative way can find their space with local butchers and restaurants. Also, tourist numbers in Majorca and Barcelona have reached new records this year and demand is definitely there in foodservice.

“We have received a very good welcome from important actors of the sector and are aiming to grow our presence here. This will include follow-up visits, further contacts and a presence at the major show Alimentaria in Barcelona in April next year.”