In Pictures: The Pig Idea Feast

Free pork lunches were served to thousands of Londoners yesterday, in support of a campaign to change EU swill-feed rules.

Eight pigs, reared on food waste, were served-up by campaign group The Pig Idea to show consumers that pigs grown on food waste are safe and better for the environment as a result.

Co-founder and author of Feeding the 500, Tristram Stuart, told MeatInfo.co.uk that the motto of the day was “where there’s swill, there’s a way” and firmed the group’s commitment to having the ban on swill-feed lifted, as well as calling for more legally permissible food to be fed to pigs.

Top chefs from the capital’s Wahaca, Bistrot Bruno Loubet, Cabana, The Delaunay, Paternoster Chop House, Le Pont de la Tour and Soho House set-up stall in support of the initiative, dishing-out food to the public. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Thomasina Miers and Valentine Warner also took part in cooking demonstrations.

Stuart said: “We’ve got to make our food system more sustainable and less vulnerable, and rearing pigs on food waste – alongside eating less meat overall – is one win-win way of achieving this.”

While Rosie Boycott from the London food Board said: “It simply doesn’t make economic or environmental sense that mountains of food waste in the capital are being sent to costly landfill sites, when it could be put to good use. This food could be fed to livestock here in the UK, which is instead being reared on soy fit for human consumption, which has been imported over oceans from thousands of miles away.

The Pig Idea is a brilliantly creative way to illustrate this issue of inefficiency in the food system, which if addressed, could help alleviate a host of environmental issues. I am pleased to be supporting this great initiative.”

For more news on the event and the outcome of a pig industry talk, keep reading.