Bpex sells pig development unit

Bpex has announced that the sale of one of its pig development units in Stotfold, Bedfordshire, has been completed.

The pig levy body said the five-hectare site was sold with 'mixed-development use' planning permission, which can also include a limited amount of housing.

According to Bpex, the testing station in Stotfold began life in 1957 and was the second of five units built by the Pig Industry Development Authority (PIDA).

Such units were built by the PIDA as part of the British pig industry’s intensive effort to improve productivity and carcase quality within the industry. It then became a boar testing unit. But when testing ended in the 1980s, building work began to turn it into a 300-sow pig development unit.

“The last work carried out there was the Sustainable Systems for Weaner Pigs programme, which was established before the ban on antibiotic growth promoters in January 2006,” Bpex said. “The unit finally closed in June 2007. This asset already forms part of the Bpex reserves within the AHDB accounts.”