Irish to stage first Black Pudding Festival

Ireland’s first Black Pudding Festival is taking place in Enniskillen this month, with a range of puddings from all over the world.

Created by the managing director of O’Doherty’s Fine Meats Pat O’Doherty, who runs one of Northern Ireland’s most innovative speciality butchery and food processing businesses, the festival will aim to celebrate the many varieties of the black pudding.

O’Doherty said: “Black puddings are celebrated, particularly in Europe, and it seemed a great idea to bring one to Northern Ireland because the traditional blood sausage is such a part of our renowned Ulster Fry breakfast. It’s also, of course, an integral part of the classic ‘full English’. We want to make this an annual feature of the food/tourism calendar in Fermanagh.”

Following on from a French black pudding festival, held annually in the Orne area of Normandy, which is centred around the French blood sausage boudin, the festival will provide people with samples of the black puddings.
“In France, the boudin is now seen as a delicacy. France, furthermore, has a Brotherhood of the Knights of Black Pudding Tasting. Our customers found the French boudin to be very soft in texture, because it’s made solely from blood, spices and onions. There’s even a black pudding from Japan,” said O’Doherty.

Additionally, O’Doherty mentioned that the French festival had been a magnet for food tourists and boosted the country’s overall image as a “gastronomic centre of excellence”. He added: “I am convinced that we can turn our event into something equally entertaining.”