Scottish organic beef production rises

Production levels of Scottish finished organic beef increased in the 2008/09 period, but prime lamb remained static, a survey of organic produce has revealed.

Between July 2008 and June 2009, organic producers in Scotland will finish just over 8,000 head of organic cattle, an increase of 17%, and 100,000 prime organic lambs, a reduction of less than 1%.

The results came from an annual survey of Scottish organic producers, carried out as part of the Scottish Agricultural College (SAC) Organic Market Link (OML) project.

SAC Organic Market Link coordinator Caroline Bayliss said: "Information gathered through the OML survey has demonstrated continuity of supply, which has given two volume processors the confidence to get their organic beef lines running in Scotland.

"Supply information is fundamental for processors and multiple retailers when deciding to turn on new market outlets for Scottish organic producers."

Around 66% of Scotland's organic producers took part in the survey. Half of organic prime beef producers said they planned to produce a similar amount this year, while a further 43% indicated they intend to increase their organic production.