Danish Crown opens London office

Denmark’s largest meat producing co-operative, Danish Crown, has announced it will be opening a new office in London.

The office, based in Smithfield Market, will focus on expanding sales and developing the company’s presence in the foodservice sector.

Danish Crown UK managing director Lars Albertsen said: “Traditionally our UK business has focused on pork and bacon supply to the meat manufacturing and processing industry and their retail customers.

“There are a number of factors behind our decision to set up a London office. We have identified major opportunities for us to develop our business in the foodservice area, which is set to benefit from the recovery in the UK economy.”

Danish Crown is currently going through the final process of constructing a new cattle slaughterhouse in South West Jutland, which will see Europe’s largest and most modern facility, slaughtering 4,500 animals per week.

“We have already enjoyed success with our new range of quality beef products, which has encouraged us to set ambitious targets in this market. We are very excited about the opportunities that will follow the opening of our new cattle slaughterhouse next year,” Albertsen added.