Consumers turning away from turkey

Could the long reign of turkey on the Christmas dinner table be coming to an end?

According to recent research, nearly half of British consumers do not like turkey and around 46% are planning on having chicken on Christmas Day instead, while a further 27% will be opting for beef.

A study by Shopitize, an independent shopper reward app, found that 43% of shoppers do not like turkey and only eat it to keep up the tradition.  
Other popular fare for Christmas included pigs in blankets, with 32% saying they would be appearing on the dinner table.

Irina Pafomova, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Shopitize commented: “Our research shows that although the influence of tradition is strong during the festive season, turkey is not as popular as you might expect and Brits are increasingly opting for alternatives.
“It seems the star of Christmas dinner which is whetting the appetites of the nation is pigs in blankets. Given that the majority of us wait a whole year to eat them, there is plenty of time to build up anticipation!”