Horsemeat tests come back negative

No horsemeat has been found in the latest round of industry and EU meat product testing, according to a Food Standards (FSA) report.

Since 2013, the FSA, industry and the European Commission have been working together in a programme of horsemeat testing and, in this most recent round, no horse DNA has been found in products at or above the 1% threshold.

In the wake of last year’s scandal, regular tests have been checking that meat products supplied into or on sale in the UK do not contain horsemeat DNA and are correctly labelled.

The FSA’s fourth quarterly report showed that no products tested positive for horse – a total of 5,861 products tested negative, of which 3,395 were beef products.  

The FSA said a total of 50,876 results for horsemeat DNA in meat products had been submitted by industry to the FSA since 15 February 2013. Of these, 47 were positive samples. No new positive results have been reported since the first quarterly report in June 2013.

On top of this, the UK also participated in the second round of EU testing for horsemeat in processed beef products. No positive traces were found in the 150 samples taken by 24 local authorities.