Simplify Audits with Appetite Learning’s Enable Audit Tool!

Brought to you by Appetite LearningAudits, whether annual or day-to-day can be complicated and time-consuming for manufacturing businesses. Data from multiple sites can easily get lost and trying to centralise the information you have can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Appetite Learning’s Enable Audit Management System is designed to help you automate and simplify the auditing process. Ready populated with many of the most common audits, you can also create organisation-specific audits to match your particular needs.

Appetite Learning Download our brochure todayThis tool has been designed with manufacturing businesses in mind, and can be used to centrally  monitor and enforce the completion of vital daily tasks from multiple sites, as well as larger projects like annual audits. Online hosting allows multiple data to be seamlessly merged in real time to form one complete overall audit . Data is displayed visually, meaning areas of non-compliance can be quickly identified and addressed.

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Brought to you by Appetite Learning

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