Artist's studio mistaken for abattoir

Controversial artist Damien Hirst has got into a spot of bother in Stroud, Gloucestershire, after his new studio was mistaken for an abattoir.

News reports said that local people started protesting about the studio when they heard it was to have abattoir rails and have launched a petition against the development.

Kim Trinder, who lives opposite the industrial estate where the studio will be built, told the London Evening Standard: "It's disgusting. I don't want a slaughterhouse and dead animals here. He kills them and then wants to put them in a showroom. Who would do that?

"I don't think Hirst would be very welcome here. We're animal lovers. I don't think it'll do much for the house prices either."

But Stroud District Council have insisted that the rails will only be used to transport Hirst's works of art, which include a shark preserved in formaldehyde, around the studio and say plans for the building will go ahead: "The building has been approved," said a spokesman.

"It's true local residents complained but there is no abattoir - the story came from the usual media hysteria. It is not an abattoir, it's a studio. Who knows what the abattoir rails will be used for? It could be cows, sheep, sharks, anything," he said.