A new

smoke extractor has just been launched by QD/Coral, which is designed to remove smoke, gas and vapours from the industrial workplace.

The Evolution extraction system is available in a range of sizes from Ø100 - Ø200 with a 2.1m to 4.2m reach capability.

Polluted air is drawn in through the jointed hood and passes through pipes made of sturdy sheet metal - including zinc-plated stainless steel, scratchproof enamelled mild steel and aluminium - to a high-efficiency fan or to a central piping system, and then on to the filtering unit. The pipes and the hood of the Evolution are joined by external articulated joints, and a low-resistance, flexible pipe allows easy movement of the arm.

Rotary bearings within the arms enable their rotation through 360 degrees if installed on a special stand. The flow of polluted air that passes through the suction duct, created by the arm, is therefore not hindered by the internal joints or articulations. Also, as all the major mechanisms are externally mounted, the suction capability is maximised.