Thermo Electron

Corporation has launched its new Apex high-performance metal detector. The corporation says the system offers a 20% increase in sensitivity and sets a new standard in metal detector performance.

Using new "multi-coil" technology, Thermo's Apex system increases the effect of the magnetic field in the aperture by more than 1.5 times, enabling the detector to target smaller pieces of metal. The Apex platform also incorporates a new shielding technique that dramatically reduces the unwanted effects from hard-to-handle, wet or conductive products.

Bob Ries, product manager for Thermo Electron, said: "To ensure food safety, our customers are constantly demanding more performance from their metal detectors. Too often, however, they cannot meet the new,

more stringent specifications because their current metal detectors aren't sensitive enough. This is why we designed the Apex system for the future.

We believe our design innovations meet the needs of tomorrow's, as well as today's, most demanding customers."